Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Home grown spuds

I've always fancied the idea of having home grown veg, (I suppose it always reminds me of summer days at my nans house in Wales), but our garden isn't really designed to grow veg in. Hubby brought home a spud barrel for us to try, and after much nurturing and plenty of watering, we have now produced our first crop of spuds. We are so pleased with ourselves. They look really nice, but the tasting will be the test. I think Sunday dinner. And you know you see these pictures in newspapers about funny shaped veg. Well we have our own funny shaped potatoe, a little duck ha ha. Might not eat that one.


  1. oo well done you! Love the little duck :)

  2. how cute is the duck!..... thanks for the lovely comments on my blog... enjoy the spuds!... Tx