Monday, 28 December 2009

Border Terrier Walk - Ainsdale Beach

On a cold, foggy day, we (hubby, Archie, (me ofcourse), our friend Steve, and his border terrier Bramble) headed to Ainsdale beach for the border terrier walk. This walk is organised every year by "Border Terrier World". Unfortunately, due to illness there weren't as many people as had been anticipated. In the end there were 10 border terriers (1 only 12 weeks old), and a whippet. After a few scraps (yes, unfortunately Archie was involved in one of them), all dogs settled down and the walk commenced. It was good and every border terrier had their own personality, and a good time was had by all. Oh yes, and my biscuits went down well.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Chocolate Biscuits

At long last I have had the opportunity to try a recipe from my "Nigella Christmas" cookbook that my friend bought me last christmas. I have been itching to try out one of her recipes, but what with one thing and another I just haven't got round to making anything until today. Tomorrow we are going on a Border Terrier walk. We are going to Ainsdale beach tomorrow morning and hopefully meet up with other border terrier owners and, ofcourse, their dogs. A walk was organised last year but unfortunately I wasn't feeling too good so missed out. Anyway after the walk people gather round the cars for a chat and food is then produced, and this is were my Nigella christmas chocolate biscuits come in to it. These biscuits are what I am going to share. They taste yummy. Lets just hope that everyone else thinks the same.