Saturday, 6 November 2010

The 'Singing Ringing Tree'

Today we travelled to Burnley, Lancashire on a beautiful chilly day to go and see the 'Singing Ringing Tree'. High above the town stands a panopticon - a unique musical sculpture in the form of a tree bending against the wind. As the wind blows it produces a low and mellow hum through the pipes. It was amazing to see (so unusual), and even tho' there wasn't much wind, just our luck, you could still hear the noise, quite haunting really. The site says the folklore and mythology surrounding the 'Singing Ringing Tree' involves handsome princes, beautiful princesses and wicked dwarves. I remember a tv programme when I was a child called the 'Singing Ringing Tree' and used to love it even tho' it was slightly scary. Anyway we had a lovely day out.


  1. Sounds like you had a good day out - great photos!

  2. What a unique piece of art..I bet it has a really neat sound..Love the picture.. Sounds like you had a great day.. Hope it warms a bit.. It is wonderful here..

  3. Is that you in the picture? If yes, then we sport almost identical outdoor gear, lol
    This singing tree looks so cool, I actually am now quite curious about the children programme you mentioned :)

  4. Have a terrific weekend..Hope you have time to create something..:)

  5. Oh wow, that is quite amazing - very original & unique....wouldn't mind a trip to see it myself now :D xxx