Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Liverpool - Chester - Liverpool Bike Ride

Over the last few months I have been building up my cycling miles on our tandem as my hubby kindly entered me into the annual Liverpool - Chester - Liverpool bike ride which consists of 50 miles.  I was really worried as I did not meet the 50 mile mark, I think the furthest I cycled was 32.
On Sunday I joined 3,000+ cyclists and left the Birkenhead Tunnel at about quarter past 8 and after a comfort break at a rugby club, we arrived at the Countess of Chester at 11 (25 miles).  After a sausage in a bun and an amazing tasting energy gel (rhubarb and custard), we carried on with the return journey, and arrived back at Liverpool at 1.30.  I am really chuffed that I was actually able to cycle the 50 miles as I didn't have much faith in myself, but actually cycling to the start from were we parked the car and return journey I actually cycled 57.1 miles.  The amount of times tho' that cyclists shouted "She's not pedalling"!!!! I would have had quite a bit of money by the end lol!

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