Monday, 1 June 2009

Walk in Hale

What gorgeous weather we had this weekend. Saturday we went to see my friend so I could get some more help/tips for making cards, as she has been crafting a lot longer than me and is very good at her cards. Sunday we decided to have a walk in Hale. We also saw the wooden carving of the "Childe of Hale". Hale is famous for it`s quiet nature, cottages and countryside, but most of all for it`s most famous inhabitant who lived there more than 300 years ago. His name is John Middleton and was born in Hale in 1578, but is more commonly known as "The Childe Of Hale"! Even before he was 20 years of age, his height reached a staggering 9 foot 3 inches. This is the most famous of legends connected with John Middleton. One day by Hale Lighthouse he sketched out on the sand an outline of a giant man bigger than himself. He then lay down within the lines of the sketch and went to sleep, wishing that when he woke up he would be the same dimensions of the giant sketch. Once he awoke he found himself to be of the same size of the giant drawing he had sketched out in the sand. Gilbert Ireland took on the giant as a bodygaurd, but it could be more so he took him on, for more than show rather than protection? After a nice walk along the Mersey Estuary, and a cold shandy, we headed home, but poor Archie was so hot that he just collapsed. We spoilt him with a Magnum ice cream and as you can see he really enjoyed it.

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  1. Love the piccy of Archie! Love the new look blog too :)