Thursday, 19 May 2011

What a difference 11 days makes

I'm pleased to say that all 7 chicks have thrived. There is 1 egg that never hatched, and I think it is still in the nest, so I would have thought with all the heat off these little ones it must well and truly be hard boiled by now. The chicks are looking so well and they are now looking like blue tits. I'll be sorry to see them go as I don't think it will be long before they fly the nest as some have been flexing their wings, and they do look quite cramped in the nest. Look forward to hopefully seeing eggs back in the nest this time next year (fingers crossed).


  1. They certainly look very cosy in there! Enjoy the Aintree show tomorrow x

  2. Oh my gosh they grew so fast. I can see a bit of blue tinge to them. This is awesome. That is alot of little ones for the momma to feed. I just love this.