Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Baby Shower Gift

My friend is due to have her baby within the next week (ofcourse all depends on when the little one wants to make an entrance).  She was having her baby shower today. Now I've never been to a baby shower (and unfortunately I wasn't able to go to hers either), but I had no idea on what type of present you give at a shower.  I am obsessed with Pinterest and have to have my fix every night. I saw this amazing idea and hey presto, 'The Hospital Survival Kit' was decided on.  This kit was thought up by Jen whose blog is called My Own Road. This survival kit is specifically for the mother to survive her time in hospital.  So I have put together the following items for her :- Special K Bars (well you don't know what time the baby will be born and there may not be much food on offer depending on the time of day), Lip balm, dry shampoo (a woman should never be without it), hair ties to keep her hair up (she is also hoping for a water birth so she definitely needs to try and keep her hair tidy), fudge (I mean what woman doesn't deserve a sugar fix after giving birth), feminine wipes (need I say more), wet wipes, and an antibacterial hand gel and hankies (you can never be too careful). Jen has also supplied printable labels to attach to your gift bag.  I've added pink on one side and blue on the other as they didn't want to know the sex of the baby. I'm just hoping that no one else has thought up this idea, and that she likes it. Also to not leave her hubby out, I've enclosed a voucher that entitles him to 1 free meal with us after the birth


  1. Such a thoughtful gift. Love the way you've included her hubby too :)

  2. A great idea, so thoughtful and I'm sure your friend will love it.

    Liza x