Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Birthday Present with a Difference

I'm celebrating a milestone birthday very soon. John decided that he wanted to give me a birthday pressie with a difference. This he most definitely did. I spent a morning in Tewkesbury husky riding. We arrived the night before and had the pleasure (I am being sarcy here) of staying overnight in a herders hut. Lets just say that it was an experience. How I missed a plug in kettle, electricity and an indoor toilet. It was cozy tho'.

After a windy night spent in the hut, it was my time to limber up and have a go at husky riding. We were first introduced to all the dogs by name (sorry but I can't remember any of their names), allowed to stroke them, then we were ready for the off.  They are beautiful dogs and so friendly. We had to keep Archie in the herders hut tho'.  I do remember that the beautiful one on the bottom right of these pictures was the only male of the pack, and his markings were gorgeous.


First we started off with just 1 husky, and by the end of the morning we were riding with 3.  I had a brilliant time but I can't believe how tiring it was.  Its not as easy as it looks as you have to push off yourself, and the dogs need lots of encouragement, and sometimes a bit of a push.  I swear that the 2 dogs I had (below) were posing for the camera. What do you think lol!. Thanks John for a pressie I definitely won't forget x


  1. What an amazing pressie! Great photos x

  2. What a brilliant pressie, this will be one birthday you shall always remember.