Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Dream

Today is our 2nd day of our fortnight holiday. We have decided to have days out, so we headed to St Helens to see "The Dream". Dream takes the form of a 20 metre high girls head with her eyes closed. The sculpture was erected last year as the people of Sutton Manor wanted some form of monument to the former colliery. It is amazing to view, and there are plenty of walks around the site. As always Archie got in on the picture. He had a brilliant time even tho' it did rain for some of the walk. Great British weather don't you just love it.


  1. What a neat sculpture.. I love the clouds and dark skies which are perfect for a photo but not a holiday.. Archie looks happy..Great photos.

  2. Oh, such a wonderful sculpture - would love to walk around there!!
    And believe me, thoughts of children make ME shudder by now as well! lol
    Fingers crossed you're gonna like your new stamp - be sure to let me know. So impatient myself! lol