Saturday, 25 September 2010


We've just been told that Johns niece is expecting her first child. As a little present for her and her husband I couldn't resist making some little bootees as a congratulations for the parents-to-be. I know that most people don't really put their babies in hand knitted clothes anymore, but I just had to get my knitting needles out. The pattern I've used is one that my nan owned many moons ago. Its that old the pattern is showing a price of 6p lol!

Hope they like them.


  1. Oh they're gorgeous - she will love them!

  2. OHHHHH these are so precious.. What an amazing gift.. I think the adorable.. How wonderful that your pattern was your nan's.. This is so special.. Wish I could knit.. Great job.

  3. How precious! And no, Parents DO put kids into hand knitted clothes, I did and appreciated them so much more - besides, at early months those hand knitted ones actually stay on and keep their lil' toes nice and toasty. As a mom of two autumn/winter babies I really loved that!